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Why You Shouldn’t Delay Scheduling Replacement Teeth

As we go about our daily routines, we find ourselves performing different tasks with our teeth. Some of these activities put a lot of pressure on the teeth. Worse still, our teeth get exposed to caustic substances like sugar in our food and drinks, nicotine, and chlorine in our water. Consequently, our teeth, which are supposed to last a lifetime, end up getting damaged despite our (often lackluster) efforts to keep them clean. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers various workable solutions to damaged and lost teeth. One of such solutions is teeth replacement.

Tooth replacement is part of the wider restorative dentistry, whose principal aim is restoring lost or damaged teeth. An advanced procedure, replacement helps you regain your beautiful smile and continue enjoying life normally. However, often people postpone their appointments or hesitate about teeth replacement for various reasons. Some patients say they do not have time to go for the procedure. Others argue that they don’t need to replace their missing teeth because they don’t feel any pain. Unfortunately, this delay contributes to the deterioration of the affected teeth and eventually causes severe complications.

Delaying your teeth replacement procedure means that the empty gum and the remaining teeth will continue to suffer undue pressure, which eventually leads to further deterioration of the affected areas. Tooth loss disrupts the natural stability of the remaining teeth and jawbone. Then, the jawbone starts shrinking, further weakening the neighboring teeth. Therefore, if you do not replace the missing teeth as soon as possible, you risk losing the remaining ones. If the lost teeth are not replaced immediately, the opposing teeth are left unsupported and eventually occupy the vacated space, causing severe orthodontic complications.

Tooth loss and a weakened jawbone make the patient look older than they are because they make the cheeks hollow and loose. The overall health of the patient is also affected because they cannot chew food properly. Speaking will eventually become problematic because you will lack the proper coordination between teeth, tongue, and lips to enunciate correctly. Your social life can suffer because you will have problems talking to people. That’s why it is crucial to have your missing teeth replaced with the right implants immediately. Talk to us today if you want to replace your teeth. We have the best teeth replacement options for you.