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The Pros And Cons of Removing Wisdom Teeth

By: St. Louis Oral Surgery

Wisdom tooth removal in St Louis by St Louis South oral surgeryWisdom teeth removal has long been regarded as the standard of care among young patients, with the majority instructed to have these teeth removed ‘just in case.’ But is removal always necessary? Read on to discover the benefits and potential concerns associated with wisdom teeth removal.

The Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are sometimes removed in an effort to address orofacial pain or other concerns, but their removal can also serve as a valuable preventative measure. These teeth often lack the room they require to grow properly, and, as a result, may become trapped within the jaw. This could potentially cause cysts that eventually damage the roots of other teeth. Wisdom teeth that are not fully erupted may also be prone to infection. In such cases, wisdom teeth removal is recommended for younger patients — especially if the roots and bone have yet to fully form.

When Wisdom Teeth Removal Sparks Concern

Wisdom teeth removal is not ideal or necessary in all cases. Increasingly, experts believe that it’s safe for wisdom teeth to remain intact if they are fully erupted and not causing issues for other nearby teeth. The ability for both patients and dental hygienists to reach and clean these teeth may also prove a chief consideration.

Removal can be particularly problematic for older patients, who tend to suffer side effects far more severe than their younger counterparts. Hence, conventional wisdom suggests that wisdom teeth should be removed sooner than later. For older patients, however, removal may be worth avoiding if there is no express need for the procedure.

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Ultimately, decisions regarding wisdom teeth removal are best left to patients, their dentists, and their oral surgeons. Weigh your options carefully before proceeding with removal or choosing to keep your wisdom teeth intact.