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All-On-4 / Teeth In A Day

If you or a loved one has experienced longtime full jaw issues, considering All-On-4 dental implants may be your best option. This procedure is for those who are ready to go back to eating their favorite foods, smiling in pictures, and having the confidence to socialize again!
The All-On-4 treatment concept was originally created by Nobel Biocare as a minimally invasive solution for a full-arch fixed implant that uses just 4 posts for the entire upper or lower jaw, instead of one implant per tooth.
The four-post dental implant method has since been optimized for all types of different scenarios and is the leading method for full upper or lower dental implants. You can have a full set of new teeth in just one day with the advanced dental implant methods we offer.
teeth in a day

All-On-4 (Teeth in a Day) Reduces Bone-Grafting Procedures

Because the posterior implants are tilted inward, existing bone can be better utilized for placement of the posts. This allows the four-post method to require less or no bone grafting before the treatment. This results in shorter recovery times, less pain and less overall procedures.

Why Chose an All-On-4 Procedure?

Quality of Life Improvements

Most of our patients report high levels of satisfaction after the procedure and every one of them has told us it was worth it. The quality of life improvements associated with new teeth in one day cannot be understated for those who have lived with missing, decaying or damaged teeth. Laugh, smile and eat your favorite foods again, without having to worry about dentures, bridges or crowns breaking. Dental implants are your permanent replacement to missing teeth.

Shorter Treatment Times & Less Procedures

Because the system only uses 4 posts, there is less surgical work to be done when placing the posts. The technique also utilizes the existing bone better than traditional dental implants, so if the whole jawline is decayed or diseased, there is less of a need for invasive bone grafting procedures.
A few weeks after your posts are set, you’ll receive your custom fitted ‘caps’ that look and act just like your natural teeth. This part of the procedure is the most exciting for patients as they get to see their new smile for the first time.

Lower Costs

The costs of dental implants is important when considering options for tooth replacement. Individual dental implants can range into the thousands of dollars and there is typically no qualifying medical or dental coverage that covers this process. When we utilize the teeth-in-a-day system, we are reducing the amount of procedures and recovery time dramatically, which reduces overall costs.

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