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Options For Paying For Oral Surgery

By: St. Louis Oral Surgery

It’s no secret that surgery is expensive, but the financial impact of ignoring urgent dental concerns or avoiding necessary procedures could prove that much more devastating. Thankfully, options abound for covering the necessary cost of your procedure. The following are a few of the most common approaches to paying for oral surgery:


First and foremost, it’s important to determine the extent to which your dental or medical insurance will cover the procedure. Many providers offer surprisingly extensive coverage, assuming a medical need can be demonstrated. Even partial coverage could prove extremely valuable. Scour the fine print to ensure that no unexpected financial surprises will arise after the procedure.

Common procedures that MAY be covered by your insurance (please call your insurance to verify first):

  • Impacted teeth causing secondary issues
  • TMJ disorder & associated treatments
  • Trauma & jaw reconstruction surgery


If you’re unable to pay for the procedure outright or arrange for an installment plan, it may be possible to take out a loan instead. CareCredit and similar providers offer a range of financial options based on income level, credit score, and other factors. Aim for a significant down payment and the shortest possible timeline to keep interest to a minimum.

Oral surgery may not be as financially out of reach as you initially assume. Survey your options carefully to determine which approach will allow you to obtain treatment on a recommended timeline while also keeping long-term costs manageable.

Installment Plans

If insurance fails to cover part or all of your procedure, you may still look into self-pay options. Some oral surgeons are willing to work closely with patients to provide accessible payment plans. If you’re able to provide a significant first payment, the rest of the bill could potentially be covered in ongoing installments. Keep in mind that timelines for installment plans are typically expedited; this approach may not work if you currently lack the money in savings needed to cover at least half of the procedure.

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Regardless of your choice of financing, you may need to move forward anyway, to mitigate oral pain or correct jaw dysfunctions. Call our St Louis or Festus oral surgery office today to learn more about your insurance and financing options for different oral surgery procedures you may be considering.