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Innovative Techniques in Jaw Surgery

Innovative Techniques in Jaw Surgery: What’s New?

St. Louis South Oral Surgery has always been at the forefront of introducing innovative techniques in jaw surgery. We are experts in several types of surgical procedures and have mastered the art of conducting jaw correction surgeries with minimal discomfort to our patients. This article aims to discuss these techniques and their applicabilities.

Traditional Vs Innovative Techniques

Traditionally, corrective jaw surgery has been a broad and extended procedure, sometimes taking multiple surgeries spread over months to correct the deformities. Thanks to the technological advances in the surgical field, patients today can avail themselves of innovative and time-saving techniques that promise quicker healing and better results.

Computer-Assisted Planning

One such progressive technique is the incorporation of computer-assisted planning. This advance in jaw surgery involves the use of digital imaging and surgical simulation to plan the procedures ahead of time, reducing surgery time and greatly enhancing results.

  • Allows precise and detailed visualisation of the jaw structure
  • Facilitates accurate and personalized planning for each surgery
  • Predicts the potential outcome of the surgery using 3D virtual models

Minimal Invasive Technique

Minimal Invasive Technique or MIT is another breakthrough in the field of corrective jaw surgery. St. Louis South Oral Surgery is renowned for applying this method making the procedure less daunting for the patients.

  • The procedure requires smaller incisions leading to lesser surgical trauma
  • Promotes faster healing with minimum pain and swelling
  • Improves the cosmetic outcome by reducing the chances of visible scarring

Piezoelectric Surgery

Piezoelectric Surgery is a novel approach that uses ultrasonic vibrations for cutting bone, thus eliminating the risk of nerve damage and enhancing precision.

  • Decreases the chances of nerve damage, thereby reducing postoperative discomfort
  • Offers a higher level of precision, ensuring only the bone is cut, and the surrounding soft tissues are preserved
  • Reduces the duration of the surgical procedure and speeds up the patient’s recovery process

Distraction Osteogenesis

Distraction Osteogenesis is another innovative technique in jaw surgery that allows bone lengthening through gradual mechanical distraction. It’s an effective procedure for patients with jaw deformities due to congenital issues or trauma.

  • Helps in generating new bone, thus assisting in jaw lengthening or widening
  • Allows gradual and controlled movement of jaw segments, enabling more predictable results
  • Patients experience a shorter hospital stay, lesser pain and rapid recovery

3D Printing in Oral Surgery

3D Printing represents a significant shift in the advancement of corrective jaw surgery. With this technique, accurate and patient-specific 3D models of the jawbone can be created, allowing the surgeon to rehearse the procedure before the actual surgery, ensuring minimized risks and better preparation.

  • Offers precise preoperative planning and can bring about significant improvement in surgical outcomes
  • Surgeons can simulate surgery on the 3D model, reducing guesswork and increasing accuracy
  • Custom-made surgical guides and implants can be created using 3D printers, leading to better fitting and fast recovery

As the field of oral surgery continues to evolve, St. Louis South Oral Surgery remains committed to adapting innovative techniques in jaw surgery to ensure that our patients receive the highest quality care. These revolutionary technologies not only shorten the duration of the surgery, reduce pain, and speed up recovery, but they also enhance the precision of surgical outcomes, leaving patients with a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Choosing a jaw correction technique is a crucial decision, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. If you’re considering jaw corrections in St. Louis or Festus, MO, reach out to us to discuss how these innovative techniques can benefit you. Let’s shape the future of your oral health together.

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