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Oral Surgery Consultations

Consultations are required prior to implant placement or extensive extractions of teeth, but consultations may be requested at any time for other procedures too. Consultations serve as a helpful opportunity for full discussion of a clinical condition, proposal of treatment, and prognosis of a treatment plan. Consultations allow for a designated period for the doctor to carefully review the patient’s medical and treatment history, a referral from your dentist or dental specialist, and any relevant x-rays, lab reports etc. in your presence. The doctor will be in a better position to more fully explain the procedures and the anticipated outcome during a consultation. He may confer with your referring doctor prior to or after your consultation, whichever is most helpful to a successful treatment plan. You are encouraged to pose questions and to seek full understanding of your treatment at this time.
Consultations also allow the doctor and staff to present a more informed range of our fees based on your clinical examination and a review of your x-rays. This is a perfect time to present and clarify an understanding of your insurance coverage benefits, and to discuss the optimal time for scheduling a procedure. We welcome consultations for any procedure, but we want you to know if you ever have questions you may always contact our office for help. Providing information is a central aspect of service, and it is a pleasure to serve you in this way.



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