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Dental Implants In A Day

A few years ago, it took months to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant. The more missing teeth one has, the longer it took to replace them. But with the current advancements in technology, the process of placing dental implants has been simplified. At the moment, you can have your missing teeth replaced with implants in a few hours. You no longer have to wait for months to get an implant.

Same-day dental implants have become the preferred choice for people looking for instant teeth replacement solutions. But as you go for these implants, it is important to understand how they work and how you are likely to benefit from them. This article looks at some of the benefits of having same-day dental implants.

Benefits of Same-Day Dental Implants

Shorter Waiting Period

The National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery reports that the traditional procedure of replacing missing teeth with implants involved extracting the remaining fragments of the tooth and waiting for two to four months for the socket to heal. Once the implant was inserted, you had to wait for another three to six months for the implant to integrate with your jawbone. Then, you had to go for the final placement of dental crowns on the implants.

This process was agonizingly long and inconveniencing. But today, the waiting period has been significantly reduced, allowing you to get your dental implants in one day. The dentist performs the whole placement procedure in a day, skipping the lengthy socket healing and osseointegration phases.

Quick Return to Normal Life

By replacing all your missing teeth at once, you can recover fully within a very short time. This means that you can restore your original smile with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Some people can enjoy their favorite meals a few weeks after replacing their missing teeth.

Affordable Treatment

In addition to enjoying the convenience of replacing all your missing teeth at once, same-day dental implants help you save money and time. You book one appointment, thus eliminating the need for traveling back and forth, which can be time and money consuming. The only other appointment you will book is for regular checkups but not complex procedures.

Lastly, make sure you consult your dentist about your situation and the best replacement option for you. He or she dentist will let you know whether you are a good candidate for same-day dental implants.