Sleep Apnea Surgery For Better Sleep

If you always find it difficult to enjoy a good night’s sleep due to periodic disruptions in breathing, then perhaps you have sleep apnea. This disruption happens when the muscles in your throat relax, causing you to stop breathing. Consequently, you keep waking up throughout the night. If not treated, sleep apnea leads to high … Read more

Meet Our Top Rated Oral Surgeons

Experienced Oral Surgeons

While there are so many oral surgeons across America, not all of them have the necessary expertise and experience to give you the best service. That’s why you need to be extra careful about the doctor you choose for oral surgery and other oral care services. Regardless of the type of oral surgery you are … Read more

Why Dental Implants Are Better Than Other Tooth Repair


When you have a broken or missing tooth, the best solution is to have it either repaired or replaced all together. Choosing between the two options can be a challenge for most patients because each of them impacts various aspects of the patient’s teeth differently. That is why it is important to let your doctor … Read more

Advances in Surgery for 2020

The advancing technology has brought about many changes in surgery, especially oral surgery. Different types of dental surgeries are coming up almost daily, some purely for cosmetic purposes. While most of these procedures require a qualified oral health surgeon, a dentist can perform some in your local clinic. These dental surgeries and techniques have made … Read more

Innovation in New Dental Care Technology

Innovation in dental care technology is a runaway train. Companies and businesses are adopting new technology to improve their productivity and cut costs. Dentistry, orthodontics and oral surgery are at the forefront of this revolution. More technological advances emerge by the day. Dental treatment has never been easier, more effective or affordable. Part of this … Read more

Options For Paying For Oral Surgery

By: St. Louis Oral Surgery It’s no secret that surgery is expensive, but the financial impact of ignoring urgent dental concerns or avoiding necessary procedures could prove that much more devastating. Thankfully, options abound for covering the necessary cost of your procedure. The following are a few of the most common approaches to paying for … Read more

Oral Surgery After-Care: A Quick, General Guide to Best Practices

Sleep Apnea Treatment

By: St. Louis Oral Surgery Oral surgery can be an intimidating process, especially for patients already prone to stress in high-stakes dental or medical situations. With proper preparation, however, the entire process can prove a lot less painful. Don’t take your recovery lightly and expect to be back to your normal self in no time; … Read more